GALA token
1 GALA token (ERC20 standard) is 2500 views of your advertising post.
The post is targeted by location, interests, gender and age.
ICO soft cap 750 ETH (29.01-26.02)
1 GALA = 0,00027 ETH
Minimal purchase 0,05 ETH

Smart conract address: 0xfC559fCdA8D0b683d1cf216A951C1eECF982259E
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Purchase instruction
To purchase GALA tokens, transfer the necessary amount of ETH to the address of the smart contract from your own wallet, not from the wallet on any exchange.
Don't forget about Gas!
After the transaction is completed, the GALA tokens will automatically be transferred to your wallet.
To see the GALA tokens on your wallet you need:

For ethereum foundation/mist wallet
Go Contacts / Watch tokens
For ethereum foundation/mist wallet
Go Tokens / Add token

Paste: 0x23e4d3a7ffdca041230c0442ce161f654fab2ee7
Congratulations! You became the lucky owner of the GALA tokens [^._.^]ノ彡
Invested more than 50 ETH? Contact us to get additional bonus tokens.
To make sure the smart contract works and you will immediately get GALA tokens, you can do a minimum transaction of 0,05 ETH.
Do not send ETH from an Exchange. If you send ETH to the smart contract from an exchange account, your GALA Tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account, and you may never receive or be able to recover your GALA.

Do not use any of the following wallets:

X Any Bitcoin exchange
X Any Ethereum exchange
X Jaxx
X Exodus
X Coinbase
X Poloniex
X Kraken
X Bitstamp
X Bitfinex
X Bittrex
GALA tokens will be released to the exchanges in late March 2018.
Additional instructions with images: Creating ETH wallet / Adding and transfer GALA.

Popular questions:

Can i buy tokens from USA?
You can buy GALA tokens from any country because its utility token

Why my transfer fails?
Because of low Gas, just do it bigger: about 300 000.

Which exchange will this be on after ICO?
We will vote among our investors and choose the most suitable.

This application is only for Russian?
No, the project will be translated into other languages.

Thank you for helping us create a greate product!