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Start date of the PRE-ICO round: 4 december 2017

Galactikka Token Sale — Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Galactikka token sale start?

The token sale will start on December 4.

What is the minimum purchase?

Our tokensale contract has got MINIMUM purchase of MIN=0.1 ETH (100GALA)

Where I can buy GALA tokens during the ICO?

You can buy it strongly on our website: ico.galactikka.com

Attention please, website address ico.galactikka.com can’t be changed! If anybody (even dev.team member or official account with the same photo and shortlink) are telling you another address — then this is a scam.

Please, be careful! Scammers may be represented as members of our team. Often scammers indicate names and photos of team members. Do not believe these people. To prevent this - add the site ico.galactikka.com to the bookmark. Before investing, make sure the address is correct.

Where can I see a smart contract?

The contract code is publicly available on Github: https://github.com/Galactikka/contracts

What happens if ICO do not reach mincap?

All investors funds, invested in the Pre-Sale and ICO rounds will be returned to the wallet of investors automatically. This mechanism is regulated by a smart contract.

How can I help you with ICO?

You can participate in our bounty program [link will be atteched soon], referral program, spread the news about Galactikka ICO, join our telegram chat and channel, post comments in ann-thread. You also can text us in telegram and propose your skills. We need you!

Can I mine GALA token?

No, GALA — is a ERC20 standart ethereum-based token. You can purchase GALA tokens with discount during the pre-ICO and ICO period (pre-sale and 1-4 rounds), later GALA token will be listed on exchanges so you can buy it there.

On which exchanges can I get a token?

We can’t name you specific exchanges before ICO ends. Each exchange has its own rules for listing. So we will discuss it with each mainstream exchanges individually.

We will do our best to list GALA token to all your well-known exchanges.

When the GALA token will be listed on exchanges?

We will work on it only after ICO. Until this point this issue is unreasonable.

Why there is only russian version of Galactikka?

The project is developed according to the methodology of Lean Startup. We develop it in stages. In the early stages, we needed to test ideas and gather feedback from users. Since we know the Russian segment of the Internet the best, we have focused on the Russian-speaking audience. This is extremely important, so as not to scatter forces on a too huge global audience. Otherwise this would reduce the speed of development of the project.

But Galactikka will definitely be translated to several languages besides English.

When Galactikka will be translated to English?

English translation — is our the highest priority. We will work on it soon after ICO ends.

How can we try the Galactikka without knowing the Russian language?

For now there are 2 ways:
— You can register on galactikka using google-translate. This is not the most suitable way, but it works.
— We will prepare a video guide of registration process and project capabilities in English.

Why haven’t we heard of Galactikka before?

Our team spent 4 years only on development because social networks — are highly complicated projects to make. So far we have not spent time and money for promotion. The audience of the site grew naturally - our users told about the site to their friends.

Where can I purchase ETH?

There are many exchanges that sell Ethereum for fiat or cryptocurrency, these include: Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Cex.io

Please send your purchased ETH to a compatible wallet whose private keys you own and control, before sending to the token sale